"Still Life"

A Voyage through India’s Evolving Canvas

at Bikaner House, Delhi

In the heart of Delhi, where ancient dynasties once reigned,

a new saga of art and identity was told.“Still Life: A Time Capsule – The Past as Present”

took over Bikaner House, weaving India’s historical richness with a contemporary flair.

in Colour

The showcase featured four

vibrant wallpapers,

each narrating India’s cultural ethos through various mediums. ‘The Hunt’ in gauze depicted
the wild and free spirit of nature, ‘Eye’s Right’ in lustre brought forth the regal magnificence of
India’s majestic past, ‘His Master’s Voice’ in gauze carried the undertones of loyalty and tradition,
and ‘Road to Damascus’ in shantung silk spoke of a rich cultural exchange along ancient routes.
This was a symphony where textures served as notes, and patterns formed a melody.

Still Life

Heat Dust

Highlighted by a Special Edit wallpaper,
the exhibit unfolded India’s narrative through “Still Life – The Past as Present,”
a collection that merged cultural milestones into a visual feast. At its heart, the Memory Wall stood as a poignant collage, capturing
the diverse influences shaping India’s evolving Identity, seamlessly integrating its historical depth with the vibrant rhythm of modern life.

My lips are sealed,
my musket is tied.
The modern maharajah
-Holkar, who straddled the culture of

east & west with





Draped in a crimson tale woven with resilience.
The spirit of India – unfaltering in the face of
confluence, carries the heritage within

the vibrant red embrace, intertwining tradition
and transformation seamlessly.
Synthesis of
Sensory Experiences
The exhibition was a unique blend of sensory experiences,where fabric texture, vibrant visuals,
and distinct aromas combined to create an immersive experience for the visitors. Touching the textiles & hand-painted art felt like connecting with craftsmen, while the rich colours offered a feast for the eyes, evoking India’s spirited essence. The scent of materials and especially curated fragrance filled the air, creating an aromatic journey through time. Ambient sounds and the subtle taste of cultural richness and savouries further deepened this immersive exploration,
engaging all senses in the narrative of India’s evolving canvas.
The visitors were left with vivid impressions of majestic Rajahs, delicate chintz, and resilient reds, all interwoven with the narratives of modern-dayIndia
Alfaaz A New Perspective on Identity through Curated Insights Alfaaz offered a fresh lens on India’s evolving identity, illuminated by the curated insights of Imaan Ansal and Raihan Vadra. This segment underscored India’s journey as a resilient nation, unified and vibrant, constantly evolving through its challenges. The young curators’ perspectives brought to life the nation’s narrative of strength and cohesion, emphasizing art as a conduit to India’s future, inspired by the wisdom of its past and the collective spirit of its people.