Raseel Gujral Ansal – Creative Director & Founder

Raseel Gujral Ansal was born in 1965 to the legendary artist, architect, sculptor, and Padma Vibhushan awardee, Satish Gujral. Raseel began her more formal journey into design at the age of 23, working at her father’s architectural firm. In 1993, Raseel left her father’s firm to start her own furniture studio, Casa Paradox. Casa Paradox was Raseel’s interpretation of home objects infused with the essence of art, reflecting the artistic exposure she experienced throughout her life. Casa Paradox eventually expanded, adding architecture to its list of services, from which ‘RGA Design’ was born. In 2013, Raseel founded Casa Pop as a prêt diffusion line to Casa Paradox. It was colourful, eclectic, and quirky- a manifestation of Raseel’s desire to have fun with design. Today, Casa Pop has evolved into something very different from its origin, assuming the role of Raseel’s desire to explore the Indian identity through the intersection of art and design. Incorporating her son Imaan’s strategic vision has significantly shaped Casa Pop’s identity, skilfully intertwining historical motifs with modern aesthetics to forge a unique narrative that enriches the brand’s contemporary and culturally rich identity.

Imaan Ansal has played a pivotal role in steering Casa Pop toward its current position as an artistic living brand, focusing primarily on brand building and strategic development. His efforts have been crucial in refining the brand’s vision and mission, ensuring that it resonates with contemporary trends while deeply rooted in rich cultural heritage. He emphasizes the strategic direction of Casa Pop, stating, “Our approach goes beyond mere design; it’s about crafting a brand identity that communicates our unique vision and engages with today’s diverse audience.”

Imaan Ansal – Brand Vision & Strategy

Casa Pop - An Artistic Living Brand

Based out of New Delhi, Casa Pop is an Artistic Living brand that exists outside paradigms, driven by the authentic exploration and intersection of art and design. We are about celebration and introspection, depicting Indian narratives that go beyond the romanticized. Initially started over a decade ago as a colourful and quirky prêt diffusion line, Casa Pop has transformed into an artistic living brand. The “Inscape” collection was conceived during the quiet solitude of the pandemic in 2020, marking a pivotal moment in redefining the brand’s direction, reflecting a blend of personal and cultural narratives. Each mural and design is a meticulously crafted piece of art, hand-painted by skilled artisans from Jaipur under Raseel’s guidance, and then digitized to preserve the authenticity of traditional Indian craftsmanship.

We offer more than just wallpaper; we provide ‘art by the meter’, democratizing art to beautify any home. Our wallpapers, available in silk, linen, and metallic mediums, are the first in India to integrate these luxurious materials, transforming paper into a canvas of creation.

Embracing Our Roots

Casa Pop proudly supports the ‘Make in India’ initiative, committed to sustainability. We invite you to explore our Journal section to engage with our showcases, view wallpapers in real-time, and discover the unique stories behind each design during our various exhibitions.

Core Values

  • Mission Statement: “To explore the Indian identity through the intersection of art and design.”
  • Vision Statement: “Embracing India’s diverse narrative through a blend of art and design, Casa Pop endeavours to be the lens through which modern India is celebrated and explored.”
  • Brand Philosophy: “Casa Pop combines a deep appreciation for India’s rich heritage with a forward-thinking approach, blending historical influences and modern identities to create sustainable, innovative designs that challenge conventional narratives and promote a global artistic discourse.”

Our Unique Wallpaper Mediums

Casa Pop’s wallpapers are available in three luxurious mediums, each adding a unique texture and aesthetic to interiors:

  • Gauze (Linen): Known for its durability and breathability, this non-woven wallpaper combines synthetic and natural fibers, making it ideal for both private homes and public spaces.
  • Lustre (Metallic): This shiny, metallic wallpaper enhances light reflection, perfect for spaces that require a touch of brightness. Its high-quality, non-woven fabric base ensures excellent wall adhesion and a modern aesthetic.
  • Shantung (Silk Ribbed): Emulating the luxurious feel of natural silk, this wallpaper adds a rich texture and depth to any room. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it suitable for high-traffic areas.

“Wallpapers transcend mere decoration; they stand as distinct art forms. Crafted with understated luxury, they appeal to connoisseurs of subtle sophistication.” — Raseel Gujral Ansal

At Casa Pop, we believe in the transformative power of design and Sustainability. Join us on a journey into the fabric of artistic creation, where each piece tells a story.