Premiering “Inscape”

Behind the veil: where walls
whisper history

Introducing ‘Inscape’, a collage of storied designs for the modern space, where the artistic mastery of Raseel Gujral Ansal and the strategic vision of Imaan Ansal transform walls into eloquent narrators of rich, personal and shared histories. This latest collection transcends mere aesthetics, imbuing environments with narratives that resonate with soul and cultural resonance.


‘Inscape’ invites you to indulge in the opulence of textures, where each material tells a tale. The airy caress of gauze, the reflective grace of lustre, and the textural allure of shantung silk converge to create tactile experiences that beckon you into a world of sensory delight. With the launch of ‘Inscape’, a vibrant homage to cultural artistry unfolds. Central Asian, Persian, and Indian motifs interlace, embodying the fluid and embracing essence of Indian heritage, reinterpreted for contemporary sensibilities.

‘Inscape’ is the product of a unique
symphony—Raseel’s artistic intuition meets Imaan’s strategic vision. Together, they propel Casa Pop into new echelons where design sparks emotional connections and opens dialogues across cultures.


of art



Soliloquy of

solitude and togetherness
‘Inscape’ embodies the solitude and nostalgia evoked by the quietude of the global lockdown. It offers an escape into a world where introspection becomes a form of communion, and the silent moments are as profound as the ones shared.

Join us on this artistic journey at and witness the unveiling of ‘Inscape’. Immerse yourself in the depth and emotion captured within each design by exploring the captivating dance of art, heritage, and introspection with ‘Inscape’. Every wallpaper in this collection is a vignette, a piece of history, ready to infuse your space with its unique tale.