Dilli Meri Jaan Blue Matt Printed Wallpaper

Rs. 450.00  

The Inde Panaromic Wallpaper Collection, transports the inhabitant to a nostalgic by gone era.
Feeling beautiful blue with red roses too while creating a neutral nude balance, essential to life. The color of the sky, ocean, sleep and twilight, blue calls to mind the feelings of calmness & serenity, stability & reliability. Bring home the blending and subtle moving waves of our dearest Dilli with its constant companions and beautiful beings symbolizing freedom and flight.
Raseel at Casa Pop Wallpapers are Custom-Made to fit your walls and are easy to install.

Colorway: Blue
MaterialMatt Ribbed Media (Width-45") | Matt Smooth Media (Width - 52") | Matt Leather Media ( Width - 52")
Size: 312" W X 117"H
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
Delivery: Dispatch In 7-10 working days
Remarks: Minimum MOQ 100 Sq Ft (3 Panels)

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