Company Raj Inde Matt Printed Wallpaper

Rs. 450.00  - PER SQUARE FEET  

The Inde Panaromic Wallpaper Collection, transports the inhabitant to a nostalgic by gone era.
Reflecting the beauty of Regal India, these wallpapers promise to make your home as vibrant as the Elaborate Company Raj India. Monumental beauty shines through the rich heritage absorbed by these creative pieces.
Raseel at Casa Pop Wallpapers are Custom-Made to fit your walls and are easy to install.

Colorway: Blood | Ink | Ochre
MaterialMatt Ribbed Media (Width-45") | Matt Smooth Media (Width - 52") | Matt Leather Media ( Width - 52")
Size: 225"W X 110"H
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
Delivery: Dispatch in 7-10 working days
Remarks: Minimum MOQ 100 Sq Ft (3 Panels)

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