Raseel at Casa Pop is a brand which is both unique and extremely versatile in its core DNA. Cosmopolitan and International in its design language, Casa Pop remains the only brand in India which boldly embraces the concept of “Art of Life”.

The brand intrinsically represents the whimsical, colorful and tasteful style of its creator RaseelGujralAnsal, India's leading lifestyle designer. The brand seeks to set the trend of both utilitarian art and conversation pieces in today's home decor landscape. One of the only brands in India which has managed to skillfully brighten interiors without relying on standard rules of drawing concepts from traditional and folk Indian elements, Casa Pop masterfully embraces diverse global and seasonal influences.

Illustrative graphic visuals remain the cornerstone of a Casa POP product and the masterful playfulness trickles down to wallpapers, fabrics, tableware, and home ware and incidental furniture. Casa Pop continually prides itself on its varied collections offering original pieces of everyday luxury. Casa Pop also offers seasonal limited edition ranges for the more serious collectors of kitsch. Casa Pop has in the past, been a much talked about exhibitor in International trade circuit with Maison Et Objet, an international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and currently is planning to foray into international markets.