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Navin Ansal

Navin Ansal’s innate sense of international style combined with his business acumen, has served as the backbone of Casa Paradox since 1993. He handles the business of design and has been successful in bringing Casa Paradox Luxe and now, Casa-POP as the front runner in the ever-changing lifestyle segment, by consciously providing premium quality products and by keeping the integrity of design- paramount.

A futuristic vision, finds a balance with the spirit of yesteryear’s culture as Navin Ansal engages to create a brand philosophy synonymous to the exciting potential that bubbles at the surface of modern India. With his business acumen, both the brands’ breadth of influence spans from remarkable residential and commercial interior designs to wondrous collections of accented furniture, rugs, wall arts, home accessories, fashion accessories and more.

As quoted by the maven of the business sector himself, “My brands give me the freedom to express the confidence, power and attitude of today’s design world. It also gives me the opportunity to say something about the way I want our modern India to be. While a Paradox customer will be informed and discerned and might take a while to make a purchase because of the unit of money involved, POP is absolutely an impulse buy product! People see it, love it and instantly want to own it.” He inspires and draws the attention of a remarkable roster of A-list clientele from the arbiters of taste across the world to build a home of a kind with the unique design sensibility of his better half, and the undisputed queen of design fraternity, Raseel Gujral Ansal.

Having been in the business of design for 3 decades now, Navin Ansal views the industry from an evolved lens. Under his supervision, Casa Paradox’s prêt diffusion line, Casa-POP strategically diversifies into pret to cater to an unexplored market. Casa-POP has seen a phenomenal response from the consumers and investors alike and we hope to expand over to 34 stores nationally and internationally, within a span of 2 years.