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Stunning Visual Treats for the Table


Isn’t it a struggle to find the right pieces to adorn your dining table when you have an appetite for designs? You are always on a look out for that crockery set that sets your tableware game apart. Symbols of good taste in design, crockery sets add an impeccable edge of style and luxury to your meal times.

The challenge, however, is in finding the design that infuses the desired spirit to your dining experience. We at Casa-POP, bring to you, five eclectic styles of crockery sets, for five moods, to help you create a unique dining experience.

Wild Interpretations


A trend that’s stirring up a whirlwind within the new generation designers is the participation of wild and intoxicating Leopards in the designs. Feeding the hunger pangs of this design requirement of the millenials, Casa-POP introduces the Safari crockery and tea sets. Add strength and valor to your table décor, as leopards drench your tableware collection, in their wild essence.

Contemporary Classics


Classic connotations romancing with the alluring shade of blue, the epitome of elegance and beauty – peacocks, and a touch of gold to bring out the everlasting beauty of this classic tryst is all that makes Casa-POP’s Jaahanara dinner sets appealing ‘things of beauty’ to create an enchanting mood for dinner.

Royalty Strikes         


Bring in the royalty drenched lanes from the yesteryears as Casa-POP’s Company Raj crockery set narrates a royal dining tale. With the majestic royal elephants infusing the spirit of royalty in your table setting, serve your guests with one-of-a-kind experience of enjoying their meal – the regal way.

An Appetite for Gold


For those with an appetite for minimalism and refined crockery designs, a combination of white drenched in exquisite patterns of gold serves the purpose. Fitting precisely with your flavor of style, Casa-POP’s Opium collection is designed to add elegance to your dinner table.

Modish Moments


Speaking of modish moments, our Labyrinth Crockery designs created with a futuristic vision appeals to the devotees of elegance of the current times. With lines, exciting shapes and contours running on the surface of the tableware collection, these designs set new standards of dining.

Theà la mode crockery designs of Casa-POP’s A/W collection add a variety of possibilities to create distinctive moods for a refined dining experience.