5 Amazing Prints for your Bagdrobe!


When armed with the perfect design on clutch, tote, cross-body, hair-ons or wristlets, there is no look that you will fail to carry with ultimate panache! The monster sized challenge that lies on the road of owning that perfect fashion accessory is the whirlpool of buying options that are available in today’s generation.

Identifying this challenge, and also the inborn quality of a fashionista- to never go wrong with the Art of buying the Perfect Bag, we have narrowed down the most amazing prints that are considered the building blocks of a distinguished BAGDROBE.


Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts_Casa-POP

There is no shopping instinct as perfect as this! Here’s one trend that never goes off the radar. Bring the wilderness to your wardrobe, with bags that have animals painted on their surface. Up your bold and beautiful quotient with serpents slithering on premium quality leather, the majestic beasts of the Animal Kingdom roaring your style statement to the world, the alluring birds adding feathers of bright colors to your bagdrobe and the prettiest butterflies, sprinkling a dust of fashion’s frenzy over your looks.


Garden Glory

Garden Glory_Casa-POP (1)

The floral fervor is a perfect print to compliment all kinds of attires. Splurge on clutches designed with ornate embroideries to add a touch of sublime beauty to your wardrobe. Let the femininity of these gardens add a swirl of nature’s beauty to your overall look.


Line Play

Line Play_Casa-POP (2)

Lines running around your bag’s surface, creating defined patterns and stripes are one of the finest trends to carry this season. Add a touch of fun to your bags’ collection with playful lines drawing everyone’s focus to your priceless accessory that exudes absolute elegance.


Vintage romances with Contemporary

Vintage Inspired by Contemporary_Casa-POP

When a myriad of splurging options make you dizzy, the easiest way to stay the fashion police favorite, is to cherry pick the ‘theme’ you want to add to your list of liaisons. Let the story depicted through a bag’s design do the talking for you. An absolute favorite of the quirky design minds, is the re-interpretation of vintage themes with a perfect touch of modernism.


Color Splash

Easter Egg Hunt_Color Splash_Casa-POP

With the right colors, you can brighten up your mood as well as your accessory wardrobe. Let shades of millennial pink, neon, color blocking and more add an edge of uniqueness to your style statement.

How’s that for a chic solution to your ‘What prints to splurge on’ dilemmas?